History of Design OWNN


· Ministry of SMEs and Startups support program 'So-dam sang-huie'  selection company : shop in Blue square hall (exhibition included)

· Korea Comedy town Exhibition(23.1.31~ open run) 3rd exhibition hall 


· Ministry of SMEs and Startups support program 'So-dam sang-huie'  selection company (1st, 2nd consecutively selected)

· Korowd crowd funding _ Osekgurumi goods _ success (over 102%)

· Ul-san Whale Museum Exhibition (2022.5~ open run)

· Licensed of Professional Engineer Product Design (HRDK) / CEO

· Certificated Korea Copyright mark (o-sek gurumi character)


· Licensed of Professional Industrial Design company (KIDP)

· Online shop open in ETSY, Naver smartstore

· shop in MA-porest (Mapocraftcenter) 

· selected in Amore facific

· 'Art&Play' Exhibition (21.11~22.2)

· Tumblbug crowd funding _ Sarangbang 2020 Light bowl project _ success (over 320%)
· Lotte HIMART Makers Lab Exhibition (2020.7.29~ 2021. 2.26)

· Sewoon electronic museum Exhibition (2020.8.1~ open run)

· Certificated Korea Certification Mark(KC mark) _ chO-RONG

(Lighting fixture module,R-R-DEo-cr-1(conformity authentication))
· Online shop open in IDUS

· Sewoon MADE project _ Sarangbang 2020(Lighting design: Ho-rong, Cho-rong)

supported by Seoul Metropolitan government

· Sewoon Makers LAB _development Horong prototype supported by Seoul Metropolitan government
· Red dot awards Finalist (Concept design : Ho-rong)
· Asia design awards Finalist (Lighting design : Ho-rong)

· 52th Korea design exhibition WINNER (Product/Lighting design : Ho-rong )

· Start Design OWNN 

Design OWNN ㅣ CEO/CDO/Founder: Scarlett Cho ㅣ  Communication Sales Business Report:제2020-서울송파-0149호 ㅣSeoul, Korea

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