hO-RONG(2019), Wall light/portable lighting fixture.

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First Concept

hO-RONG(2019 ver), been designed for 'Lighting that structure of assembled components of Han-ok with comfortable light' by reinterpreting Korean luminaires.


When I starting 'sarangbang2020', I thought 'Han-ok(korea traditional house)'is the big Lighting fixture.

So I designed 'The Light Environment of Hanok' as a Lighting fixture.

It starts about 'hO-RONG' 2020 version.

hO-RONG an reactive light fixture that self-regulates illumination as the environment light changes by lighting sensor.

hO-rong uses the app to turn on and off the power, and can also control other functions.


52th Korea Design Exhibition WINNER prize / Lighting design

2018 Asia design awards & Red dot awards Finalist


- Seoul metropolitan government(2018~2020) for production 'hO-RONG'

- Tumblbug (2020)


Wood, Copper, Korean paper (Han-ji), LED, PLA

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